About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sally and I’m just one of many million bloggers out there. My passion for books and well, writing, are the reason I created this blog. I just want to write, for myself, for others! I want to share my passions and interests! So, I little background information about myself:
I graduated from college a few months back and I’ve thankfully managed to secure a job since then. I’m usually a very curious person and I just love sticking my nose in everything. I’ve been known to put myself in really awkward situations and usually, the other person ends up thinking I’m really weird. My comfort zone would be my books, my room, and my canvas and brush set. My guesses are that this blog is probably going to be as inconsistent as my brain, but I promise that I will try my best not to fill it with junk posts! I have a deep hunger for knowledge.. I guess you can say I’m constantly thriving to learn something new. I enjoy reading, writing, music, art, sports, and my list of interests just keeps growing everyday. I’m a contemporary artist and designer by profession. So, somewhere along the way, my posts might shift to artistic themes just for the sake of variation!
I can’t think of anything else to say about myself at the moment, so I guess this will have to do!


“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”
― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.”
― Kahlil Gibran


To be continued.. !

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