Live for Yourself

Letters on Canvas

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In a world where everyone seems to be living in their own bubble, it’s rather easy to feel like its just you against the world… trying to find a place where you belong. However, you’d be surprised by how many people around you struggle with the same problems.

For example, expectations and the pressure they exert on our daily life…

Sometimes we feel as if our decisions are being controlled by an invisible hand. Its as if those decisions were made because that’s just how it’s “supposed to be”…

In other words,

“that’s how you’re supposed to live your life”..

“do this and you will be happy”..  

“don’t be negative, it’s wrong”..

“Why are you sad, just get over it already”..

So, what really happens everyone expects you to behave in a certain way or react in a certain way?..

Over time, the pressure just takes its’ toll and we eventually start beating ourselves…

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