Narrators: Make it or Break it?

Have you ever purchased a high rating audiobook, then to later discover that the narrator completely destroys it? Or worse, you decide to start this new series, and said bad narrator is reading all 10 books!?

Unfortunately, listening to a 5 minute sample isn’t enough sometimes to reveal the horror that awaits… I’m talking about books where narrators have to mimic accents or speak in different languages!

A lot of people would just say, ‘switch to print’, which is fine! …but, for me, there are specific genres that I enjoy more in audio format, like mysteries and comedy!

It kind of sad to see one of them really good books being completely demolished, ..yes! demolished and wrecked and ruined, by a bad narrator!

I just wish that authors would invest a little more time into choosing an appropriate narrator for their books! I mean really, if I ever write a book, it would be my baby!
After working on it for months, the least I can do is make sure I spend a little more time finding the perfect narrator!

Narrators are supposed to add something special to a book rather than take away from it! Its like a special effect! It’s either super cheesy and tacky, or it just simply adds an amazing flavor to the whole experience!

Just a thought..


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