Cozy Mysteries Make Me Cozy

Do you guys ever want to just curl up on the sofa on a cold winter night and just read a good light book? You know, a book that makes you laugh so hard that you just forget all your troubles just for a little while?!

That’s exactly what I do!

So, as you’ve already guessed, Cozy Mysteries are my favorite type of books! They’re light, fun, suspenseful, and smart. Oh, and with interesting mystery plots too! I know a lot of people love the gory stuff, but sometimes all you need is one of those books that combine humor and gore perfectly! Frankly speaking, I think that Cozy Mystery authors have superpowers! I mean when’s the last time you read a book that balances humor with crime without making you want to roll your eyes?

For those of you who have not been fortunate enough to encounter this book genre yet, then well..

I’ll recommend a few of my favorite series in this genre and hope you enjoy them too!

1 – Heller’s Series by JD Nixon

2 – Shelby Nichols Adventures by Colleen Helme

3 – Mattie Winston Mysteries by Annelise Ryan

4: Body Movers by Stephanie Bond


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