Review: Spotless Series by Camilla Monk

Series: Spotless
Author: Camilla Monk
Goodreads Link:  Spotless – Camilla Monk

Type: Fiction
Genre: Humor |Mystery | Suspense | Contemporary Romance | Crime

Rating: 5+++++ Stars

So, I’m going to openly admit that this series is my absolute favorite! Nothing can compete with it! I mean did you see those covers? They’re absolutely gorgeous! You know what’s even cooler than that? Our author, Camilla Monk, is the one who designed the covers! This woman is multi-talented for sure! This series is perfect! I mean I read the books and they’re amazingly well-written, and I listened to the audio as well because I was obsessed! .. and let me tell you, Amy McFaddin makes an amazing Island Chaptal (our protagonist) and can do accents pretty well!

So, let me tell you guys a little bit about the story and I will try my best not to spoil anything! This review will cover all 4 books! I’m gonna separate the reviews in this post so you could read one, and then just skip the rest if you like!

Book #1: Spotless
Rating: 5+++++++

Island Chaptal is a computer engineer who comes homes one day to find a sexy hunk with a gun or more like, Mr Clean waiting for her! He munches mints like an addict and is very awkward and he likes Ostriches! So, Mr November or March or April or whatever is looking for a diamond that Island’s mother stole years ago! This makes Island question who her mother was and all that, so she decides to tag along with March to discover the truth about her past! Of course, this trip just comes with a lot of adventures and eventually we see Island cozying up to March! …


When I first came across the first book of the Spotless series, I was directly drawn to the beautiful covers and I just picked it up! My eyes were full of glamor! I just had to buy it, you know?

Anyway, I wasn’t at the very good point in my life back then! I was down and depressed so Spotless was a breath of fresh air for me! I found myself laughing out loud while reading it and smiling like an idiot most of the time! It lifted my spirit a great deal! I know this sounds overly dramatic, but it’s true! This book pulled me out of a dark haze and because of that, the series holds a special place in my heart!

There were no boring moments in Spotless! Frankly you could tell that there was a lot of care put into developing the plot and the characters! The characters were very intriguing and had so much depth! I don’t remember reading a book where I loved ALL the characters!
I loved Island’s character the most! Or maybe I love March the most or Dries! I’m not sure!

They’re all so cool and badass!

Book #2: Beating Ruby
Rating: 5+++

So, the second book of this series is just as good as the first! Did I mention that this is my go-to escape series?! I was honestly afraid that the second book wouldn’t be as good! But I was happy to be wrong!

Island Chaptal is back with another adventure! She has a boyfriend now tho! His name is Alex and I’d rather not discuss his character till the very last book! When Island’s boss is found dead, she takes it upon herself to try to clear his name and so begins another adventure! This time it’s a love triangle! Island, March and the boyfriend!

This book started a bit slow for me but I didn’t mind! I still enjoyed it very much and I didn’t mind that March didn’t make an appearance until later! It just made it more exciting I guess! My favorite part of this book was the hate relationship between March and Alex LOL! I loved being inside Island’s head and I also loved the attraction between March and Island and their growing love for each other! It was so cute!!!!

This book was amazing!

Book #3: Crystal Whisperer
Rating: 5++++++++

What can I say? This one was a rare gem indeed! Crystal Whisperer is my favorite book in the entire series! It’s a bit more suspenseful than the others, but its still lighthearted! Camilla Monk is a great author! I have never seen an author who can combine serious and playful without overdoing it in a way!

After a flight disintegrates and the news declared Island’s biological father, Dries, as the main suspect; March decides to help his mentor! In this book, we see another side of Dries, a more humane side I guess (did I mention that he’s my new favorite character? His humor is just priceless)! We also get to see the kind of life March had as a youngster and we also get to meet other Lions! This is what I was talking about when it comes to character depth! The characters are just so well done and each one has their own story! What I’m trying to say is, I wanted to know the stories of every other character! I guess you can’t help but fall in love with all of them! Oh! and we also finally see Alex for the douche he is! humph! I really don’t like him!!

Anyway, this book was action packed and I couldn’t put it down! It kept getting better and better! and that ending .. omg! I almost died of frustration because of that cliffhanger!! I was going nuts! But in the end, I had to sit there and wait and wait for the 4th book! and it was a long wait!

This book is simply fantastic! The best so far!!
“Daddy loves science too!”
— Dries

Book #4: Butterfly in Amber
Rating: 4 Stars

*Spoiler Alert*

This book was different from the first three.. It was dark and it wasn’t as funny as the others. It was amazing, nonetheless. The Spotless series holds a special place in my heart! It’s simply one of a kind… I don’t remember ever rereading any series so many times, as much as I reread this one. It was just so well written and fun and quirky in it’s own way.
The reason this book didn’t get a 5 star rating is because there was so much death in it. This is really my go-to series when I feel down, and I feel like this book kind of took away from the humor of the previous 3! Don’t get me wrong.. Butterfly in Amber was very well written and the plot was very entertaining and I couldn’t put it down. But as a matter of personal taste, I don’t enjoy falling in love with characters and then crying over their deaths 😦

I loved all, and I mean all, the characters in this series (the good ones and the bad ones)… yes, even Mr Morgan (even if he was an abusive jerk with a temper) and Anis (actually, no.. I really hate Anis).

Dries’ death made me cry. 😦 I just can’t believe that he just let himself get killed like that…and I’m really really hoping that he.. was plotting something and wanted everyone to think he’s dead or I don’t know… he somehow, lived or was saved by Dominic or something!!!…  I just feel that there’s something missing! After the big role Dries played in the Crystal Whisperer, to me, he became an essential part of this series and I don’t know if I can enjoy the next book without him and his twisted humor!

Anyway, this book was amazing in it’s own way and I really enjoyed it (minus all the deaths in the last few chapters).

Favorite part: Dries in clown clothes!!

Overall, this is a must read series! It’s amazing and it just has everything.. humor, action, mystery, romance… and it all fits, you know? Camilla Monk has serious talents and I’m definitely a for-life fan after this series! I can’t wait to read other books by this author!!

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