Review: The Way Evil Does by Amara Draska


Title: The Way Evil Does
Author: Amara Draska
Goodreads Link:  The Way Evil Does – Amara Draska

Type: Fiction
Genre: Thriller | Mystery | Suspense | Dark | Psychological

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Way Evil Does is the first book of The Eisenbrey Trilogy by Amara Draska (a new author). Draska tells the story of 40 year old author, Rebecca Reis, who is trying to drown her sorrows about her latest disaster of book. She’s in a bad position career wise and is also suffering through depression and trauma. A chance to redeem herself as an author arises when her editor asks her to write a non-fiction piece on The Hunter, a.k.a Thomas Eisenbrey, the serial killer! The story then moves into more of a scary / creepy territory through out the interviews between Rebecca and Eisenbrey…

So, I couldn’t put this book down! I have to say that it is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read so far! It just totally sucked me in. Even though there were some parts that were a tad unrealistic, I still found myself wanting more! I loved the psychological aspect of this book and I very much enjoyed the imperfection and flaws of the characters! It just made it all more real to me.
I feel that Rebecca’s behavior is justifiable, even if she is a grown 40 year old woman. I say this because Rebecca is portrayed as someone who is suffering greatly from emotional problems and past trauma. She is depressed and a bit hopeless. She is vulnerable and therefore, more prone to manipulation.

Now, the biggest bonus of this book was Thomas Eisenbrey. I seriously loved how realistically he was portrayed. Through out the book, I couldn’t help but hate him but the same time, I felt that I was drawn to his character. It was creepy! He was manipulative, violent, unpredictable, and again… very creepy. He viewed people as toys and he had excellent skills in reading body language and gestures. Rebecca describes more than once that it was as if he was inside her mind. **gives me the chills** He was as good looking on the outside as disgusting on the inside. I loved how he didn’t just turn into a loving good guy by the end of the book (just like many other books about serial killers)! He remained a frightening and disturbing character and that I felt, gave the book a very paranormal vibe in some scenes.

So, it sounds like I really loved this book, yea? So, why not 5 stars? I gave this book a 4.5 star rating because the author failed to publish the rest of the trilogy! That is just very frustrating for me! This book was published back in 2015 and it’s almost 2018 and we still have no second or third book. I’ve waited and waited and I finally decided to give it up! There are no updates from the author and I’ve even emailed her at some point, but she never responded. Now, I don’t know her situation or what she’s going through, but an update or a message saying, “hey guys! I won’t be publishing anymore books!” would be nice! And it’s definitely better than leaving people hanging like that!

Overall, this book was really good. So if you decide to read it at some point, then keep in mind that the story is incomplete!


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