The Creative Brick Wall

Have you ever come across this insanely amazing book and as you were moving on to the next one in the series; you realize that the author stopped writing? Frustrating, isn’t it? Now, there could be all sorts of reasons why an author would quit, but I’m talking about the infamous writer’s block, or creative block, or whatever you want to call it!

As an artist myself, I understand very well what it’s like to feel the pressure of success! So, you’ve created several successful works, then suddenly you start feeling torn and conflicted.

What if my next work isn’t that great?

What if people don’t like my new artwork?

Was my success so far out of luck?

Doubt starts creeping into your mind and before you know it, you have an entire wall of doubts in front of you. You feel intimidated by it and every time you try to climb it, it just feels so enormous and unapproachable! It’s as if attempting to overcome this mental wall takes so much energy that…. you don’t really have, right?!

So, what do I do in this situation?
I’ll just deal with it later! I’ll sleep on it! Or I just won’t think about it!

We just simply avoid dealing with the problem, because it makes us sad! Before we know it, time passes and still we feel torn.

Unfortunately, the more time passes without creating anything, the more frustrating it becomes! …Constant doubts and mental debates! ….And a greater mental wall! .. and it just keeps going!

The best way to describe a creative block would be as TORN!

So, how to actually overcome a creative block?

The answer is to challenge it, to keep trying, and to always believe in your abilities!

via Daily Prompt: Torn


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