Review: Don’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey


Title: Don’t Make Me Beautiful
Author: Elle Casey
Goodreads Link:  Don’t Make Me Beautiful – Elle Casey

Type: Fiction
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Abuse | Dark

Rating: 1 Star

Don’t Make Me Beautiful talks about domestic abuse, how overcome it and recover after suffering through it for a long time. I loved the concept of the book and I thought that it had so much potential as a plot! I also loved the characters! But…. sadly, I was disappointed!

Nicole, our main character, was terribly abused, physically and emotionally. Her face was permanently deformed from constant years of beatings by her psycho boyfriend. In that same neighborhood lives Brain and his kid! Brain is portrayed as this fun and playful character, who you basically fall in love directly. When he discovers Nicole lying unconscious on the floor in her house; he jumps in to save her. He then realizes that her boyfriend is a sick monster, and so he decides to help Nicole by hiding her away…

Now, allow me to explain why I was disappointed. First of all, Nicole was being abused by her BOYFRIEND.. not husband.. I stress on the term ‘boyfriend’ because Nicole stayed with him for 3 years and he has a job so he leaves the house and doesn’t lock her up in a basement or anything. He just locks the front door! So you’re telling me she didn’t find a single opportunity in 3 years to file some charges against this douche or run away or just freaking walk in the neighborhood so that the people living their can see how much she’s being abused?

Anyway… so Brain finds her, calls the police,, then he asks her to live with him so he can protect her.. again now this lady turns up at a hospital horribly abused, and there’s no investigation? She refuses to file charges? We didn’t even see anyone pressing her to do that at all …
“So what do you wanna do? file charges about this asshole?”
“Nah!! its okay that my face is deformed *permanently* and every bone in my body is broken, I just wanna forget”
“Okay as you wish” **walks away**


We’re not talking about a boyfriend who slapped his girlfriend when he was drunk….

Anyway, so Brain saves her right? Then they fall in love? **instalove!** this from a woman who was being abused for YEARS! YEARS!!

I really liked the concept and the characters in this book but I just felt that it wasn’t executed well at all!

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