Live for Yourself

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In a world where everyone seems to be living in their own bubble, it’s rather easy to feel like its just you against the world… trying to find a place where you belong. However, you’d be surprised by how many people around you struggle with the same problems.

For example, expectations and the pressure they exert on our daily life…

Sometimes we feel as if our decisions are being controlled by an invisible hand. Its as if those decisions were made because that’s just how it’s “supposed to be”…

In other words,

“that’s how you’re supposed to live your life”..

“do this and you will be happy”..  

“don’t be negative, it’s wrong”..

“Why are you sad, just get over it already”..

So, what really happens when everyone expects you to behave in a certain way or react in a certain way?..

Over time, the pressure just takes its’ toll and we eventually start beating ourselves up and destroying our self-image. I thought about this for a while and I’ve noticed that we simply live for acceptance. Everything we do… we do it in hope of being accepted by someone .. a parent, a friend, a lover or a society.

We do that, because acceptance is a fundamental human need.

We live our life trying to satisfy others; we try so hard to fit that ‘persona’ without realizing that people will never be satisfied. The more we give, the higher the expectations become.

So, what’s the point of fulfilling those expectations if they’re just going to pile up anyway?

I mean, the more we try to fulfill them, the more we fall behind, right? ..
and well, eventually we would find ourselves in this continuous loop of misery.

So, what’s the point?

I personally believe that each person should try to live everyday with utter fulfillment.. not by living the way everyone else wants them to live… but by simply embracing who they are! .. And yea, that also includes embracing your flaws, because nobody is perfect and perfection is boring anyway.

I believe that one should try, for their own sake, to better themselves with each passing day. People shouldn’t feel the need to prove themselves to anyone, but themselves.

Stop trying to please others and stop trying to be anything but yourself.

Just live for yourself.


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